Our Mission

As the official think tank of the People First Party and Movement, our mission is to champion a People First culture of ideas.

The People First Australia Research Institute work is designed around a number of landmark activities, including:

People First Conversations – showcasing the best ideas from both domestic and international thought leaders, this ongoing event series helps shape debate and thought in Australia and beyond. These events are locked into the diaries of both People First Party supporters and People FIrst Party leaders as “must attend”.

Research and Publications – the starting point for good People First policy is to understand change. To that end, we’re raising funds for research on significant policy challenges for Australia. Our policy work is aimed at reviewing current policy directions and developing new policy prescriptions for Australia.

New People First Thinking – publishing hundreds of People First ideas, opinions, commentary, and findings, New Progressive Thinking is our signature blog encouraging and promoting the latest in social democratic thought from Australia and around the world.

PFAI Conference – an ideas conference held after each Federal election. This conference brings together the best People First minds in Australia and abroad, to champion a long-term vision for our country.

People First History – dedicated to preserving the stories and achievements of the People First Party throughout history, this online museum holds hundreds of never-seen-before photographs and videos.

In addition to the above program of work, the The People First Australia Research Institute also provides strategic advice to the Federal Parliamentary People First Party and works in conjunction with other research and intellectual bodies to promote a better understanding of the Australian political and policy environment.

About the Institute's governance

The activities of the People First Australia Research Institute are overseen by a Board of Directors.

The day to day operations of the People First Australia Research Institute are managed by a small staff who are passionate about the mission of the Institute.

About the Institute's finance

 Almost all of the activities listed in our program of work above are funded by supporter donations and our funding partners.